Welcome to Psychotherapy Academy, your destination for practical and engaging education on evidence-based interventions tailored specifically for busy mental health therapists.

We partner with psychology experts to create courses and clinical cases that provide practical pearls that you can readily apply with your clients.

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Our meticulously crafted courses are designed with the modern therapist in mind. We understand the constant juggling act you face in staying abreast of the latest therapeutic techniques while managing a demanding schedule. That’s why we’ve created a convenient learning experience through our courses and clinical cases, ensuring you can expand your knowledge effectively and on your own terms.

Who makes up our vibrant community?

At Psychotherapy Academy, we’re a globally connected team, comprising an array of people, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, writers, designers, animators, audio engineers, project managers, and developers. Together, we bring diverse expertise and perspectives to create high-quality educational content.

Our story: Growth and innovation

Our journey began with the successful launch of a psychopharmacology CME platform. Building on this accomplishment, our CEO, Dr. Flavio Guzman, an esteemed Argentinian psychiatrist, expanded our offerings by partnering with psychology experts to provide courses on evidence-based therapies.

Since 2018, we have experienced steady growth, continually adding new courses to our library. As of 2023, we proudly introduce our subscription product, in which experts present clinical cases with different therapeutic approaches. Our mission is to empower mental health clinicians worldwide by equipping them with practical therapy information that is readily accessible whenever they need it.

Meet our Editorial Team

Jazmín Soto, L.Psy.

Jazmín Soto, L.Psy.

Head of Content Development

Anderson García, S.Sc.D.

Anderson García, S.Sc.D.

Therapy Editor

David Barragán, L.Psy., M.S.​

David Barragán, L.Psy., M.S.

Therapy Editor

Sheri Van Dijk, M.S.W., R.S.W.​

Sheri Van Dijk, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Social Worker Consultant


Jessica Díaz, M.D.

Clinical Content Manager


Flavio Guzmán, M.D.

Founder and CEO

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