Five Ways to Cope Using the Body


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Key Points

  1. One of the quickest ways to shift your mood is to change something in your body.
  2. Some ways to do so are the half-smile, open hands, self-soothing through the five senses, the TIPP skill, and the REST skill.
  3. The half-smile refers to producing a partial smile.
  4. There is a reciprocal relationship between mood and facial expressions.
  5. The open hand skill refers to unclenching your hands and exposing your palms.
  6. It puts you in a more accepting frame of mind.
  7. The five senses skill refers to applied mindfulness of the five senses.
  8. Have at least one predetermined item or activity for each sense that can serve as a focal point for immediate selfsoothing effects.

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Five Ways to Cope Using the Body

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