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Mindfulness Pocket Guide for Beginners (Duplicate)

Tools and Techniques

Mindfulness Exercises: A Pocket Guide

This handout is a practical extension of your therapeutic work, empowering clients to practice mindfulness consistently and independently.

Here is some advice on how to implement this tool as homework:
  1. Introduce each exercise during sessions.
  2. Guide clients through the process and highlight the benefits of each practice.
  3. Emphasize the nonjudgmental aspect of mindfulness.
  4. Reassure clients that these exercises aim to develop an observational and accepting approach to their thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  5. Remind them that practice makes perfect; the more they incorporate these exercises into their daily routines, the more benefits they will experience.
Mindfulness Exercises Pocket Guide

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Mindfulness Pocket Guide for Beginners (Duplicate)